Angular, Python, Django, SASS, Heroku, D3

I was the sole front-end developer for MyFinance as part of a distributed development team. I worked with 3 other developers who were all back-end, so the front-end of the stack was my responsibility to build and maintain.

When I joined the company on a remote contract, there was a small amount of existing Angular code that was developed by one of the founders but was in need of cleaning up and organizing. I fully implemented the John Papa style guide across the entire project and grew the angular portion of the codebase by 80% over 5 months.

About two months into the contract, an entire redesign of the site was ordered, and I was required to port the site to the new design. The existing CSS was a Bootstrap theme and I made the decision to construct our own theme based on object oriented BEM principles. This created a much cleaner CSS codebase that will scale significantly better than Bootstrap if only because it will be considerably easier to maintain and add onto.

Another project of note was the advertiser widget that I created, which allows MyFinance's partners to embed MyFinance's content on their own site. This was built in native JavaScript.

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